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Locations Where Thermostats Shouldn’t Be Placed in Gray Court, SC

October 31, 2022

Residents of Gray Court, SC, understand the value of thermostats in reducing utility bills and improving home comfort. However, the wrong placement of the device results in hot and cold spots in your home. This post highlights areas you should never consider for your thermostat.

In Direct Sunlight

Walls that experience more sunlight are generally warmer than other areas in sunny weather. Placing the thermostat directly below a skylight or such walls provides incorrect readings.

Your thermostat will send a signal to cool your room if the warm sunlight continually hits it, making your home cooler than your preferred settings. Moreover, your air conditioning may work long hours, leading to high energy bills and unit wear and tear.

Along the Hallway

Many people like to place the thermostat in the hallways. However, this can sometimes be the wrong location for your thermostat, as it may not serve its intended purpose.

Placing your thermostat in the hallway can affect the accuracy of your home’s readings. Hallways often have less air movement than other areas, which can contribute to inaccurate readings. Also, people may accidentally bump into it, changing the settings without realizing it.

Close to Doors, Windows, and Vents

Placing the thermostat around the doors exposes it to outdoor temperatures since people are constantly opening and shutting their doors. On the other hand, windows may leak cold drafts from outside temperatures, making a nearby thermostat record lower temperatures. Vents emit warm air drafts making the thermostat record warmer temperatures than the actual ambient room temperature.

Places exposed to air drafts send false signals to the HVAC system, influencing the overall home temperatures. Your HVAC unit may also experience short cycles without achieving desired home settings.

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